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Toddler Asks For Mufasa's Death Scene From 'Lion King' On Her Birthday Cake For The Cutest Reason

Toddler Asks For Mufasa's Death Scene From 'Lion King' On Her Birthday Cake For The Cutest Reason

We've all heard some version of that Lesley Gore song, "It's My Party."

Well, in one 3-year-old's case, she apparently wants everyone else to do the crying.

Actor and Director Casey Feigh shared on Twitter this past weekend the news of his niece's birthday, but with quite the unexpected twist.

For younger children's birthdays, parents generally choose a theme for their party, like Paw Patrol or princesses or a Disney character.

Though Feigh's niece, Leona, chose a Disney theme for her party, it was hardly the usual "Hakuna Matata," "Under the Sea," Robin Williams's Genie from Aladdin happy vibes type of party...

Instead, she wanted a cake that portrayed Mufasa's death from The Lion King, the same scene that wrecked nearly every '90s kid's childhood.

But Feigh's sister—the girl's mother—decided to oblige the child and had the The Thirsty Whale Bakery create a barren-looking cake with Simba looking over the edge in absolute horror.

On the cake plate, it announced it was little Leona's 3rd birthday... right next to a very sad-looking Mufasa.


But the most hilarious—or horrifying—part is why Leona wanted this particular cake.

It's not exactly the best part of The Lion King, after all.

Is she obsessing over this scene at the young age of 3? Should we be worried about her?

But according to Feigh, Leona's reasoning was actually sort of genius.

Feigh recalled:

"Everyone will be too sad to eat the cake, and it will all be for me."

To give her credit, it's definitely a sadness inducing cake.


The cake produced very mixed feelings.

Some were sad, some concerned while others celebrated the 3-year-old's genius.

Some were in awe of Leona's reasoning skills.

Others admitted the cake was sad, but they would eat some of it anyway.

A few were concerned...

Though there were mixed feelings about the cake, it looks like the party was still really fun.


Hey, Leona is only just now 3 years old.

She and we still have time before she hits full evil genius supervillain stage.