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Illinois Woman Arrested After Fake Vaccine Card She Used To Enter Hawaii Is Riddled With Errors

Illinois Woman Arrested After Fake Vaccine Card She Used To Enter Hawaii Is Riddled With Errors
Hawaii Department of Public Safety

The state of Hawaii has experienced a surge in Covid cases as well as shortages in things like water and food.

Conditions are dire enough, Hawaiian residents were urged to ration.

The tourism heavy state went as far as asking the tourists who flooded the island as soon as travel restrictions were lifted.

Exasperating the crisis are people who lie about their Covid or vaccine status just to travel—using counterfeit test results and vaccine cards.

An Illinois woman, Chloe Mrozak, was arrested and detained in Hawaii after she tried to enter the island of Oahu with a vaccine card that was not only faked, but chock full of careless errors and easily detected lies.

The incident led to authorities tracking her down in the Honolulu airport in a scene straight out of a caper movie.

See the card in the tweet below.

Even a cursory glance at Mrozak's vaccine card raises eyebrows. There's the penmanship, which looks sort of childlike and sloppy. There's the spot where she appears to have scribbled out an error on a supposedly official document--hardly the standard operating procedure of medical professionals, one assumes.

Then there's the five-week delay between shots instead of the standard four, and the fact that both shots have the same lot number... which isn't even possible.

And then there's what appears to be Mrozak's misbegotten attempt at humor: She was apparently administered her doses by a wolf and a monkey at the National Rifle Association, or something. Good one, Chloe.

But she might have gotten away with all of that if she'd just done one thing right: spelled Moderna like it's spelled, instead of spelling it "Maderna." Come on, Chloe, at least try!

But hey, even doctors and nurses make spelling errors right? There's still one other glaring problem, though, and it's the one that ultimately did Mrozak in. When authorities made a simple phone call to authorities in Delaware, where Mrozak claimed she was administered the vaccine, the state had no record of Mrozak, of course.

And soon, an investigation was launched, which also revealed that the hotel in which Mrozak said she would fulfill the state's mandatory 10-day quarantine had no record of her reservation. Authorities then went into full caper mode, trawling her Facebook profile until they found a distinguishing characteristic they could use to track her down--a tattoo on her hip.

It was indeed that tattoo that allowed authorities to spot Mrozak in the crowd at Honolulu airport on August 28, where she was arrested for both falsifying vaccine documents as well as violating state quarantine rules, according to local news station KHON2.

Illinois woman arrested at Honolulu airport for submitting fake COVID vaccination card, avoiding

On Twitter, people couldn't help but mock Mrozak for her wildly incompetent attempt at forgery.

Mrozak was held in Honolulu on $2000 bail for her violations because she wasn't willing to get a free vaccine. Life comes at you fast!