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People Are Sharing The Most Hilariously 'On Brand' Things They Did As Kids

People Are Sharing The Most Hilariously 'On Brand' Things They Did As Kids
Johner Images/Getty Images, @marlataviano/Twitter

Twitter user Kathryn Brightbill recently took to Twitter to pose a very important question.

"What is your most on brand story from your childhood?"

Of course the answers are rolling in. and they're incredible.

Kathryn, whose Twitter handle is @KEBrightbill, posed the question yesterday.

She decided she'd play her own game and shared her own childhood tale.

The original question quickly blew up and at the time of authorship it has received 4,000 likes and nearly 4,500 comment.

Stories range from typical funny kid behavior to being punished for things that eventually made them successful, but all of the anecdotes have us nodding and remembering that no matter what, kids will be kids.

This woman's story is all too familiar to most people.

This guy proved that our kid selves aren't that far off from our adult selves.

This story reminds us just how curious kids are. And just how patient parents must be.

Sometimes as kids we have terrible short-term memory, and the result is an unforgettable lesson learned.

Kids are also notoriously messy.

But not all of them.

And all kids love cake.

This Twitter users story was equal parts inspiring and vindictive.

It is clear, though, that things that happened in our childhood inspire us well into our adult lives.

Are we really any different than we were in childhood?