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Mom Infuriates Her Husband After Admitting That She Named Their Son After A TV Character She Thought Was Hot

Mom Infuriates Her Husband After Admitting That She Named Their Son After A TV Character She Thought Was Hot

A couple who had been together for eight years and married for five were blessed with the news they were pregnant.

As soon as the wife—Redditor "wtfhjs"—and her husband discovered they were having a boy, the name hunt was quickly underway.

In her heart of hearts, however, she had decided on a name after being enamored with a TV character. Once the father-to-be found out where she got inspiration for the name, he was not happy.

To provide context—she is 32 and he is 35—the ages which they would be familiar with a certain sci-fi drama series that was a huge phenomenon.

The Original Poster (OP) asked AITA (Am I the A**hole) for naming her kid after someone she used to think was hot and keeping it from her husband.

"Now, in the early 2000s I watched a show (idk how specific I'm allowed to be) and one of the characters was named Sawyer."

If it's who we're thinking of, then yeah, we were definitely lost in his eyes too.

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"Yes, I thought the character was hot. After that I started to fall in love with the name independently of anything. I just thinks it's a really beautiful name."

When she sawyer face, she became a believer.

However, she maintained they were going to "seriously" find a name for their boy.

"After we found out it was a boy, we started to seriously discuss baby names."

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"My husband proposed a bunch that I didn't really like, and I also put out several names that he didn't want. Eventually I put 'Sawyer' out there as a name."
"To my surprise, my husband said that he actually really liked that name and we ended up choosing it."

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"Recently my husband and I have had a lot more time to spend together. Yesterday we were cuddling and talking about the baby. It was a normal conversation."
"He said that he was really glad we chose Sawyer, and asked me why I suggested it and what the inspiration was for the name I guess."
"At first I said that I just thought it was a beautiful name, but he wanted to know more, like when I first heard it. So I told him not thinking that it would be a problem."

The OP did not expect this reaction.

"But my husband got pretty mad. He said he was angry that I would name an actual human over a TV show character."
"He was also pretty mad that the only reason I liked that name is because someone hot had it. He also said that he feels like I'm kind of obsessed to be naming my baby after him. Mostly he was mad that I hadn't told him when I offered the name."

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"But I really don't agree. I wouldn't say the baby is named after a TV character, and it's not like he's named Naruto or something."

What's in a name?

This guy right here.

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"Sawyer is a normal name and it's not like he'll be bullied for it. I also said that I'm clearly not obsessed with the show or the character. I've watched the show a total of twice in my life and that's it."
"I also said that I didn't lie at all. When he asked me, I told him."
"We've come to an impasse over this. I think he's being ridiculous and jealous of a fictional character, and he thinks he's going to have to reconsider the name. AITA?"

Redditors didn't see the big deal to warrant the husband's anger.

"Your husband has Lost the plot. It's a name. You both like it. You're fine. NTA" – Dszquphsbnt
"My mom named me after an evil soap opera character. It's a pretty cool story to tell. My sister is name after a very cute Australian news reporter. All names come from somewhere. I agree, NTA." – KristenDoesntKnow
"I came across my daughter's name in an Anne Rice book years ago. I had to 19 or 20. Found out its a much more common name across the pond, but in the U.S. you don't hear it very often."
"It suits her so well and it goes fluidly with her last name. She loves it too. So a win all around."
"Hubby is really overreacting. NTA" – DarJinZen7

They shared the origin of their names.

"I'm named after a Gone With the Wind character. People do it and it's completely normal." – concaveUsurper

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"I named my kid after a Twin Peaks character. You just don't meet many kids named Bob anymore." – jpcomicsny
"My middle name is from a Leonardo DiCaprio movie. My mother wanted to name me Guinevere after King Arthur's wife. I named a cat after a book character. People name things after what they know." – NiktoriaNo
"My second is named after a character in Black Panther because that's where I first heard the name, looked it up and liked the meaning." – doryfishie
"my mom named me after rose from titanic so at least I have that going for me." – roseposy

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A plan to give a daughter a unique moniker backfired.

"My co-worker's daughter was born in 1989 and is named Ariel. No, she wasn't named after the Disney character - she was born a few weeks before the movie came out."
"Her parents both had common names and wanted her to have something that would be rare but not too unusual. Oops!" – jamoche_2

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TV shows and movies aren't the only things to inspire names.

"I was named after a playboy model. A character on a TV show is nothing compared to that!" – canadian_maplesyrup

You can't escape the fact that people will automatically associate names with a popular character, like this stud from Supernatural.

"NTA All names originate somewhere. You could name it Sam and someone would blame you of being obsessed with supernatural."
"If he liked the name and it's a name that won't get the kid bullied, who cares? Better Sawyer than 'Suhyer' to be original." – QueenThirrin
"My oldest sons name is Dean. It may or may not partially be from supernatural... lol" – MrsJackson91

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Getting back to Sawyer.

"So would you say your husband kind of LOST it after he found out about the origin of the name?:P NTA. And Sawyer was really hot." – dbf06
"Lost didn't 'invent' the name Sawyer. Sure, it may not be the most common name in the world, but your husband didn't make the connection, and he was more likely to do so than any kids your child knows growing up."
"That being said, I agree with the thought that either parent can veto a name for any reason, so while I am saying you're not TA for the argument, and I do agree with him that he can reconsider." – teke367
"NTA. You got the idea from a TV show, you didn't name him after the character! And if your husband is mad due to being jealous of a fictional man neither of you will ever meet, then he's TA." mattjaneski

If the couple remains deadlocked, this could very well be a lost cause.

Unless they agree on, say, "Kate," "Jack" or even "Hugo."

See? Enough Sayid.

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You can get the Lost the complete series here.