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Mike Pence Blasted After He's Caught Grossly Undertipping A Server While Dining Out At A Restaurant

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Vice President Mike Pence was called out on Twitter this past Tuesday, December 29, after visiting a restaurant and reportedly leaving a small tip.

Twitter user Sachin Chheda shared a picture of Pence's receipt, writing:

"A friend's friend works at a restaurant that served @Mike_Pence at lunch today. He tipped $5 on $45 bill."
"This is who these people are. Remember that, always."

The internet shamed Pence for leaving such a small tip, especially while the service industry suffers from pandemic-related hardship.

Many people felt Pence's tip was indicitive of his personality.

There were also some who felt the tip wasn't egregious.

But most people felt that if anyone could afford to tip generously, it's the Vice-President.

Mike Pence certainly didn't win over any hearts with this gesture of kindness.

As restaurants struggle to get by and Republicans argue against any further financial aid, Mike Pence seems to be closing out his time in office by undertipping his servers.

That gesture likely won't be forgotten by those who have spent time in the food service industry.