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Mike Lindell Forced To Auction Off MyPillow Equipment After Sponsors 'Did Cancel Culture On Us'

The MyPillow CEO's 2020 election conspiracies have reportedly cost the company $100 million—not to mention a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems.

Mike Lindell
Octavio Jones/Getty Images

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell bemoaned his defeat in the cancel culture wars and was forced to sell off his company equipment.

Many retailers like Walmart stopped selling his patented My Pillow pillow products due to Lindell peddling unfounded election claims and conspiracy theories.

Speaking with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Lindell cited the demise of his company owing to a "massive, massive cancellation."

He continued:

“We lost $100 million from attacks by the box stores, the shopping networks, the shopping channels, all of them did cancel culture on us.”

The Minnesota-based pillow manufacturing company has been mired in controversy since 2013 when the Better Business Bureau started receiving complaints.

Lindell touted himself as a "Sleep Expert" even though he was not officially certified or held expertise in sleep medicine, and he was threatened with lawsuits for false advertising claims.

He settled a consumer lawsuit and paid almost a $1 million in civil penalties after making scientifically unfounded claims that MyPillows products cured purchasers of insomnia and other ailments such as sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.

On the political front, MyPillow and Lindell–who is a strong supporter of former Republican President Donald Trump–have sponsored a number of conservative political causes, including the far-right media group Right Side Broadcasting Network.

In 2021, Dominion Voting Systems sued Lindell for defamation centering on his perpetuating the Big Lie around the 2020 presidential election and for spreading baseless information about Dominion's voting machines and consequently damaging the company's reputation and threatening the safety of its employees and customers.

With major retailers now dropping MyPillow merchandise from store shelves, Minnesotans have an opportunity to bid on the company's large amoung of surplus industrial equipment–including dock trucks, forklifts, air compressors, sewing machines, and many other items.

Lindell told CBS News in Minneapolis that some of his employees had to shift roles to avoid layoffs and the company had to make changes.

He said:

"I do every customer like my only customer and every employee like my only employee."

Lindell told the news outlet that some stores including Menards and Fleet Farm still carry his company's merchandise.

He said MyPillow lost $100 million due to his election fraud claims.