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Pro-Wrestling Hall Of Famer Says There's 'Too Much To Lose' In Tweets Ripping Trump And His Supporters

With the 2020 elections approaching, Americans of all shapes and sizes are speaking up to try and avoid a calamitous outcome in November.

This has even lead some public figures who didn't intend to get involved with politics to go public with their criticisms of President Donald Trump.

One such public figure is iconic pro-wrestler Mick Foley, who shared an audio recording of President Trump admitting to prior knowledge of the virus's danger, revealing he has been lying to the American people.

Foley wrote in another tweet:

"There is simply TOO MUCH to lose to stay quiet."

It seems Foley has simply had enough of President Donald Trump.

Twitter was behind Foley as he pointed out that our Democratic institutions are in danger.

Very few people expected pro-wrestler Mick Foley to be a figure in the "resistance," but these are strange times.

Perhaps some of the world's pro-wrestling fans will be won over by Foley's arguments!

This November, you can be sure Mick Foley will be voting and he wants you to do the same.