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Actor Michael Sheen Just Revealed That His First Name Is Due To A Hospital Mix-Up—And It Was Destiny

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, @teracottaheart/Twitter

A mix-up at the hospital when he was a baby led to Michael Sheen's name, the actor has said.

The 50-year-old Welshman, famous for appearing in Underworld and Masters of Sex, was responding to a fan page on social media which said his “real name is Michael Sheen."

He revealed his parents had initially called him Christopher before he was taken into the care of nurses after being born.

He tweeted: “Actually my parents named me Christopher but the nurses had to look after me the first week as my mum wasn't well and they got my names mixed up on my tag so when I was collected my parents asked for Christopher and the nurses said … we have a Michael? So they went with it."

The actor added that he discovered in recent years that his Irish ancestors had emigrated to Wales and kept naming their male children Michael but the infants all died.

He wrote: “They were clearly desperate to have a Michael Sheen but sadly they never managed it.

“Generations went by in our family and no Michaels emerged and their story was forgotten. Then one day, many, many years later a nurse got a name tag mixed up and unknowingly tricked whatever malevolent force was at work trying to stop a Michael Sheen emerge.

“So to that nurse, whoever you are, wherever you are, if you're even still alive, on behalf of my long dead ancestors and their mysterious desire – thank you."

People could help but notice that it sounds a lot of like the plot to the Amazon Prime series Good Omens, which Sheen stars in:

Sometimes fact is indeed stranger than fiction.