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'Merry Christmas' Is Somehow Trending On Social Media In February—And It's All Thanks To Eric Trump

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

One of President Donald Trump's most notable campaign promises was to revive the phrase "Merry Christmas."

It was an easy promise to keep, because at no point in American history has saying the phrase "Merry Christmas" been illegal.

Nevertheless, Trump claims people are saying the phrase more since his inauguration in 2017. We're sure he'll bring that data forward proving his claim any day now.

Trump's son, Eric, revived the claim at a recent press conference in Iowa.

Watch below.

Eric claimed:

"We're saying Merry Christmas again, we weren't saying that."

Ironically enough, Eric's claim became somewhat true. "Merry Christmas" started trending on Twitter after viewers saw the speech, so technically they were using the phrase more than one normally February.

But they weren't using the phrase in the way Eric intended.

Others pointed out the strange timing of bringing up Christmas in February.

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