Memphis Mom Turns Son In To Police And Apologizes After Seeing Video Of Him Robbing A Couple


Memphis mother Adrian Perry made a tough decision when she turned her son over to authorities after he committed robbery.

On Tuesday, Perry was watching the news and saw surveillance footage of three people being robbed – two of whom were visiting from Florida. She recognized her son, 20-year-od Derriontay Perry, as the suspect.

For Adrian, contacting the police was not up for debate. She knew it had to be done.

I love him. That's what you call tough love. Something a lot of more parents needs to start doing.

The police apprehended her son without incident and Adrian told the local news that jail is a safe place for him. Derriontay is being held for a $100,000 bond and is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of aggravated robbery.

On Saturday, April 22, Derriontay approached the home on the 5000 block of Berta Road and asked the resident for a ride. When the homeowner didn't cooperate, Derriontay brandished a gun and proceeded to intimidate the victim by pointing the firearm at him. A woman from the house immediately retrieved her gun and fired warning shots in the air.

According to Fox 13, the suspect fled the scene while firing two shots at the couple. No one was hurt in the incident that quickly spiraled out of control.

Adrian was appalled but was thankful her son wasn't shot.

Two shots? See that's what I'm saying. I do not even know where he got a gun.

Adrian issued an apology for the victims, none of whom sustained any injuries.

I am sorry that your visit to Memphis, Tennessee, had to be like that because of MY disobedient, disrespectful child.

People responded well to her decision and commented on her admirable parenting.

Any troublemakers out there would do well to be on their best behavior outside of the home. Because you never know when mama is watching.

H/T - Fox13, Twitter, TheBlaze

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