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Meghan McCain Just Threatened To Quit Twitter When She Leaves 'The View'–And Twitter Is All About It

Meghan McCain Just Threatened To Quit Twitter When She Leaves 'The View'–And Twitter Is All About It
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Meghan McCain has announced she is leaving the talk show The View on July 30 after four years. Most people are happy to see the end of her time on the show.

So people were equally, if not more, happy when she hinted on the air she might be leaving Twitter as well, the site of many of her most frowned upon transgressions.

McCain pointed to the pandemic as a turning point for the platform:

"I have a lot of followers on there and it's been an incredible, you know, platform, to, you know, talk to people and read the news and everything, but definitely in the past year, since the pandemic, it's become a noticeably more darker, uglier place."

She took her sentiments online as well:

Most people's responses bordered on "don't threaten me with a good time."

Aside from the fact that McCain's last day is now less than two weeks away, not three weeks away, McCain's time on Twitter has not been without controversy.

In March, McCain went viral when she said that she was concerned that a relief package for farmers, which specifically named farmers of color who are socially disadvantaged as a beneficiaries of the plan, did not include a provision for women.

"We've only had one Asian American host co-host host this show. Does that mean one of us should be leaving because there's not enough representation? We're talking about -- is identity politics more important than the qualifications for the job?"

This moment was heavily mocked, as McCain's "qualifications" are generally thought of as the product of nepotism via her father, late Senator John McCain.

McCain has also been threatening to quit Twitter for at least the past 11 years, including a complaint from 2010 when she said she would leave the platform over a photograph.

McCain's threat has the tone of great promise for most of the internet, but it still remains to be seen if she will act on it.