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Meghan McCain Just Claimed She's Not A 'Karen' In New Op-Ed—And It Didn't Go Well For Her

In a column for the 'Daily Mail', the former 'The View' co-host defended White women from being targets of 'left-wing ridicule.'

Meghan McCain
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

You know that thing people sometimes do where they insist they are not a certain thing and in so doing incriminate themselves because literally nobody asked?

Well, conservative commentator Meghan McCain has done that with being a "Karen." She wants you to know she's not one, so much so she wrote a whole column about it.

Big "I'm not a racist, but..." energy.

The comments come in an election day column McCain penned for the notoriously sensationalist right-wing British tabloid The Daily Mail in which she laments the plight of downtrodden White women who've been vilified as "Karens" by liberals—or something.

It's a pretty incoherent piece--McCain careens between condemning "Karens" to reclaiming them with a speed that'll give you whiplash--but that seems to be the gist.

And naturally, she resorts to the most easily predicted move of all—calling the whole "Karen" thing racist against White women. Because of course the heiress daughter of a United States Senator and former presidential candidate is the victim.

As you might guess much of the internet was nonplussed.

McCain—who as she never stops reminding us is the daughter of late centrist Republican Arizona Senator John McCain—began her column by lamenting how what she claims used to be called "Soccer Moms"—White, middle class, suburban women with children who "wanted what was best for their families" and voted accordingly—were rebranded "Karens."

She described "Karens" as White women who "[call] the manager" and have "public meltdowns" often "directed at people of color" which is as good a definition as any. McCain agreed such behavior is unacceptable.

But after admitting the reality and repugnance of the "Karen" phenomenon, McCain quickly pivoted to painting it as nothing but a left-wing smear campaign.

"[A]ll of a sudden, women voters went from a respected voting bloc to a group to be despised."

McCain refrained from explaining why the "Karens" inspired such ire and instead did what "Karens" love to do—called the whole thing racist against White women.

She wrote:

"But can you imagine any other racial group in America being given a label in 2022? Repulsively, White women have become a legitimate target of left-wing ridicule."

Hey, you said it was legitimate, Meghan, not us!

McCain went on to say Tuesday's midterm elections would be the “revenge of the ‘Karens’,” warning Democrats were going to lose big because:

"A huge percentage of ‘Soccer mom/Karens’ will be pulling the lever for the GOP."
The polling certainly suggested she's probably right about that last part, but given the open racism and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment from nearly all Republican candidates, the "Karen" moniker being applied to many of these voters is certainly no stretch.

McCain's column went over really poorly with a lot of people on Twitter.

McCain may be disgusted by Democrats, but her siblings are taking the more respectful and decent approach that her father might have taken if he were still around.

John McCain's sons John and James have been campaigning for Arizona's Democratic candidate for Senate Mark Kelly, not the far-right MAGA Republican, Blake Edwards, beloved by Arizona's "Karens."

Perhaps Meghan's brothers can explain the phenomenon to her at Thanksgiving in a couple weeks.