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Danica McKellar Disagrees With Neal Bledsoe's 'Interpretation' Of Candace Cameron Bure's Marriage Comments

The former 'Wonder Years' star opened up about her differing views after Bledsoe left the Great American Family network over Bure's 'traditional marriage' remarks.

Danica McKellar; Neal Bledsoe; Candace Cameron Bure
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Last week, actor Neal Bledsoe resigned from the Great American Family network following homophobic remarks made by Candace Cameron Bure and the network's CEO Bill Abbott.

Bure told The Wallstreet Journalthat the network would not feature any same-sex couples and would keep 'traditional marriage at its core."

Abbott referred to same-sex couples as a "trend."

Bledsoe, who—like Bure—left the Hallmark Channel to join GAF told Variety of his departure:

"My life wouldn’t be where it is today without the love, support, and guidance of the LGBTQIA+ community."
"From my mentors in college, to the myriad of agents and managers, writers and directors, teachers and colleagues, and, of course, my dear friends and family, who have all touched my life, I owe them a great debt."
"As someone who struggled as a young man with our society’s extremely narrow definition of masculinity, it was their community that provided me with refuge and a guiding light when my life felt lost."
"And now, if I cannot stand up for that community in their time of need, my debt to them means nothing."
"So, I want to be very clear: my support for the LGBTQIA+ community is unconditional—nothing is worth my silence or their ability to live and love freely in a world that we are lucky enough to share with them."

Bledsoe's GAF's Christmas at the Drive-In costar Danica McKellar was recently asked about his exit from the network.

McKellar revealed that she doesn't agree with Bledsoe's "interpretation" of Bure's comments.

She told Fox News Digital:

"Neal is a wonderful person."
"He's such a great actor and I have enjoyed working with him so much."
"He and I both share our love and support of the LGBT community for sure..."
"I don't agree with his interpretation of her comments."
"I just didn't see them the same way."

McKellar attempted to explain:

"[Bure] started the sentence with 'I think,' which is not definitive, and she ended it with 'at its core,' which doesn't mean exclusively."
"I don't agree with his interpretation, but I love him to death and I wish him well."

Twitter chimed in on McKellar's statement, noting that no interpretation was needed.

Many also stated that agreeing with Bure paints her in the same light.

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McKellar had also previously made a statement on Instagram to "set the record straight" following Bure's comments.

She said:

"I'd like to set the record straight about something."
"I'm a new Christian, and I'm so grateful for that."
"As I always have, I celebrate all forms of healthy love between adults, and I support representation."
"I was thrilled to have a role in a couple episodes of 'Home Economics' earlier this year, and my husband and I were privileged to attend my good friend's beautiful wedding to his husband earlier this year in Mexico."
"At the time, we commented that it was one of the purest expressions of love we had ever seen."

She finished:

"The idea that Christianity would judge any form of love simply baffles me."
"I'm still new to my faith journey, but as far as I can tell, Jesus loves and includes everyone."
"That's kind of His thing..."

*incudes everyone...