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Kayleigh McEnany's Claim That Obama Didn't Give Trump 'Orderly Transition' Debunked By Trump's Own Words

JIM WATSON/Getty Images; Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

As President Trump's removal from office approaches, his team is trying everything they can to convince Americans they should remain in power despite losing the election.

Almost every reputable media outlet has called out the President's refusal to concede, citing the lasting harm it could do to American democracy.

The President's team, however, have always cared more about the President's feelings than the truth.

On Friday, November 20, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed to reporters:

"It's worth remembering that [President Trump] was never given an orderly transition of power."

Unsurprisingly, McEnany's claim was a shameless lie that was easily debunked by a clip of Trump himself, thanking President Obama for a swift, orderly transition.

Twitter wasn't particularly surprised by McEnany's dishonesty.

Each of Trump's press secretaries have become well-known for their willingness to bend the truth.

Trump's transition into office may not have been organized but that certainly wasn't President Obama's fault.

Many online called out McEnany on how her behavior conflicts with her Christian necklace.

Once President Trump's time in office is over, sycophants like McEnany deserve no place in public life.

President Trump's time in office is coming to a close but there will always be people in power who do not care about the truth.

Fortunately, the internet will always be there to offer some receipts.