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Kayleigh McEnany Accidentally Dunks On Trump With Anti-Hillary Tirade–And It's Surprisingly On Point

Kayleigh McEnany Accidentally Dunks On Trump With Anti-Hillary Tirade–And It's Surprisingly On Point
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images; Fox News; JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty Images

Much like her former boss, Kayleigh McEnany—who served as former Republican President Donald Trump's White House Press Secretary—seems to have a profound obsession with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

During a recent segment on Fox News, McEnany claimed the former New York Democratic Senator and Trump's 2016 election opponent has ambitions to run for President again in 2024—a move Clinton has shown absolutely no interest in making.

But McEnany—who now works at Fox News—didn't stop there. She excoriated Clinton's supposed Presidential ambitions with a description that immediately brought to mind not Clinton so much as McEnany's former boss for most people.

See McEnany's rant below.

McEnany said of Clinton:

“If there’s anyone that we can say, ‘megalomaniac, addicted to power, thinks she should’ve been President, still essentially hasn’t conceded the election, ,’ it would be this woman. It would be Hillary Clinton.”

Not only does that sound exactly like Trump, it's factually incorrect.

Clinton conceded the 2016 election on the night of the election itself in a phone call Trump himself described as "lovely." She also made a concession speech on live national television the following morning in which she said "we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead" and expressed her hopes for his success.

She has also repeatedly said she has no interest in running for President again, as recently as this past June.

Trump on the other hand has still, in Democratic President Joe Biden's second year, not conceded the 2020 election. Though he has yet to announce a 2024 run, he continues to hold rallies and collect donations like he is a candidate.

And this comment, "...and wants to be President again...," of Clinton and Trump, that can only describe one of them. Did the truth slip in there by mistake?

And as for "megalomaniac, addicted to power"?

Well... let's just say only one of these people took classified and top-secret documents from the White House that may have to do with our nuclear weapons after their electoral defeat, and it's not Hillary Clinton.

On Twitter, McEnany's rant went over about as well as you'd imagine.

Now that Trump's 2024 ambitions might truly be imperiled, it seems more true than ever he and his surrogates have nothing to offer supporters but old grievances.

Best of luck to them with selling that.