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McDonald's Worker Hit With Backlash After Appearing To Give Customer A Half-Eaten Burger

McDonald's Worker Hit With Backlash After Appearing To Give Customer A Half-Eaten Burger

For the past few months, a kitchen employee at an unidentified McDonald's location has been anonymously posting a slew of TikTok videos capturing their time on the job.

But before you begin imagining some dry training video or a bunch of on-the-job selfie monologues, just take a look one of the account's recent posts.

With the caption, "We got a little hungry" splayed across the screen, the employee filmed as they placed what appeared to be a half-eaten patty on a bun, haphazardly slapped some cheese on top, completed it all with one more *full* patty and a bun, and launched it off to the front counter.

Despite the TikTok users clear attempt at some internet laughs, many people who saw the video had some choice words.

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That last comment proved to be rather spot on.

According to the Daily Dot, McDonald's issued the following statement denouncing the behavior of the person in the TikTok account.

"The food preparation shown in these videos does not meet the robust food quality and safety standards we have in place, and we are actively investigating the incident."
"Providing our customers with quality food, service and a clean and safe environment is our top priority, and we always want to ensure the best possible experience for them when they visit our restaurants."

As the statement suggested, the food corporation's comment came in response to more than this single video.

In other videos posted on the same account, called @mikky.d0, employees made fun of customers' orders and even dumped a huge pile of pickles on a single burger.

But for all the critical comments on TikTok, plenty of people understood it was all in jest.



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With McDonald's corporate now on the case, who knows how much more content we'll get from @mikky.d0.