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TikToker Drops Off Mazda For Service Only To Discover Someone Drove It 30 Miles From Dealership

TikToker @rawr_its_paige dropped her Mazda off at the dealership for some routine maintenance, and was shocked after being alerted by her car's app at 11:30pm that her car was parked 30 miles away at a residential address.

TikTok screenshots of @rawr_its_paige

A woman on TikTok went viral after she revealed someone drove her car 30 miles from the dealership where she left it for a routine service.

TikToker Paige (@rawr_its_paige) took to the social media platform to share her story after her car's app alerted her that her doors were unlocked.

Paige said she had taken her car to the Mazda dealership earlier in the day for a routine service to fix a windshield crack and update some software, but she became alarmed later that night when she got a notification.

“I got a notification that the doors were unlocked, and my gas gauge was only at 81%."

The creator explained that she had filled up before taking the car in, so she decided to dig a bit deeper.

When she pulled up the map feature on the car's app, she was shocked to discover her car was nowhere near the dealership. In fact, it was 30 miles away parked at a residential address.

She continued:

“This is 11:30 at night…So I’m trying to decide: Do I call the police? Do I report it stolen?”

But by early the next morning, the car was back at the dealership.

"So somebody who works there decided to drive my car, under my insurance, off the dealership property to their personal address overnight and then back the next morning."

Paige then asked viewers if this was common practice and if she should "not be upset" about it.

You can watch below.


What should I do? #stolen #cartok #dealership #mazda #wtf

Viewers of the viral video, which has now been seen more than 2.7 million times, agreed the TikToker should be furious, and urged her to take action.




Others in the comments shared similar experiences.





Needless to say, viewers were invested in this story and needed to know what happened next.





Fortunately for all, the TikToker delivered and explained how the situation transpired in a seven-part follow-up.

In part two, Paige said that she basically got the run around from the dealership, being passed from department to department with no real explanation.

Some of the staff tried to assure her it was common practice because sometimes a car needs to be observed overnight, but—as the TikToker pointed out—she brought the car in for a windshield crack.

She then shared another issue aside from the car being taken off the property.

Paige realized she had lots of property with sensitive and personal information in the car and fears now that she could potentially be a victim of identity theft.

At the time of this follow-up, Paige still had not spoken face-to-face with anyone at the dealership.


Part 2: Did someone steal my car? Am I overreacting? #stolen #cartok #dealership #mazda #wtf

In the third installment of "Where the F Is my Car," Paige went in the dealership—still in the loaner car, mind you—and confronted the staff who turned out to be no help whatsoever.

The workers tried to justify the action of the employee who took the TikToker's car overnight by saying they needed to monitor her engine light.

Again, the car was in for a windshield crack.

Paige still didn't have her car in Part 3.

WARNING: NSFW language


Part 3: Who the F stole my car. How far up the ladder should I take this? Would you let them drive your car home overnight?Am I overeacting? Does this not seem shady? #stolen #cartok #dealership #mazda #wtf

By part 6, Paige revealed she was back in her car and was in communication with corporate.

And in the final video, the TikToker had exchanged information via email with Mazda, but she didn't go into detail on any kind of resolution they reached.

However, she was appalled, albeit unsurprised, that the invoice for her service falsely stated that "the customer stated the check engine light is on," thus giving them a reason to monitor her vehicle overnight.


We're so sorry she had to go through all that, but we definitely learned a lesson from her misfortune.