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Matt LeBlanc Dishes On The 'Friends' Cast Member Who Wasn't Too Keen On Marcel The Monkey

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani on Friends for a decade, has always been a good sport about his fame and speaks about the experience warmly whenever he's interviewed.

LeBlanc recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to speak about Marcel the Monkey, who like Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica and Joey, became a classic character of the series in his own right.

Remember when he had a favorite song?

Friends - Marcel Favorite Song

LeBlanc says he enjoyed working with the monkey quite a bit, but David Schwimmer, who worked with Marcel the most, was not exactly a fan.

"I liked the monkey, I like animals, yeah the monkey was really cool," said LeBlanc.

"Schwimmer not so much. 'Cause he's the one who had to work with it the most, he was like, 'again with the monkey?'"

Well, that's a shame.

Some people understand Schwimmer's position, though.

You can watch LeBlanc's complete interview below.

Matt LeBlanc on Man with a Plan & the Monkey from Friends

LeBlanc regularly shares anecdotes from his time on the show. In January, he appeared on Kimmel's program and revealed he "stole" a prop from the set of the hit show after it ended.

The characters of Joey and Chandler (who was played by Matthew Perry) had a Magna Doodle (a magnetic drawing toy) hanging on the door of their apartment. The words would change every so often, thanks to the efforts of Paul Swain a crew electrician who would play around with it.

LeBlanc says he took the Magna Doodle and gave it to Swain as a parting gift.

"I stole it and gave it to him, so he's got it. So, that's kind of cool," he said.

"I could have sold it for a lot more."

That wasn't all LeBlanc took, however. He says he also took the foosball from Joey and Chandler's foosball table. It now resides in his toolbox. (It's certainly seen better days!)

"I have it in my toolbox somewhere. Why it's in my toolbox, I don't know," he shared.

LeBlanc joked that he wanted to take the couch, but that he couldn't fit it in his car.

No wonder Friends remains so popular. The complete series is now available in multiple formats here.

Keep letting us into your world, Matt. We're loving every minute.

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