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Matt Gaetz Is Considering Quitting Congress For A Rightwing TV Career—And People Are Here For It

Matt Gaetz Is Considering Quitting Congress For A Rightwing TV Career—And People Are Here For It
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Left-wing Twitter has been downright jubiliant today following news Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida—one of former President Trump's most loyal supporters and an instrumental figure in his plots to subvert the 2020 election—may be leaving Congress for a right-wing TV career.

Gaetz is reportedly considering decamping from Washington to work at Newsmax, the network that has surged in popularity among far-right voters, conspiracy theorists, White nationalists and others who have grown disillusioned with Fox News.

And on Twitter, the majority response seems to be a hearty "good riddance."

According to anonymous sources and Gaetz confidantes who spoke with Axios, Gaetz has already been in talks with Newsmax about what sort of role he might play at the network. He is considering both the option of not seeking reelection in 2022 as well as resigning before the end of his present term.

Gaetz has become one of the most controversial and, in many minds, toxic figures in Washington during his tenure in the House of Representatives.

He has aligned himself with holocaust deniers and devotees of the bizarre and baseless Q Anon movement, has opposed LGBTQ+ rights and protections bills like the Equality Act and has been caught repeatedly flouting pandemic safety protocols.

And he is among Trump's most dedicated fans. He was among the people leading the charge in spreading false conspiracy theories about election fraud in 2020 and is suspected by many to have been involved in the planning of the January 6 coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol.

Taken all together, it's easy to see why so many people are downright happy about the news of his potential exit from Washington.

Effusive though it may have been, this celebratory moment was quickly eclipsed.

Just hours after the Newsmax story dropped, The New York Times reported Gaetz is being investigated by the Justice Department for having an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

Looks like his Washington career may be coming to a close whether he chooses to end it or not.