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Maskless Guy Gets Knocked Out Cold After Hurling Racist Rant At Passengers On Subway

Maskless Guy Gets Knocked Out Cold After Hurling Racist Rant At Passengers On Subway
Dawud Bryant/YouTube

A White Londoner was knocked unconscious on the Central Line tube last weekend. The incident came after the man spent an extended period of time bothering the other passengers with racist ramblings.

The video was shared online with many on social media praising the end result.

Racist scum 'Billy Steele' knocked spark out on London

In the video, a man identified as Billy Steele is seen shouting racist remarks at other passengers, particularly a group of Black men. He refers to them as his "pets" and telling the other passengers that "they're lesser than us."

Other passengers try to get him to stop, but Steele refuses and shouts profanities at one woman who told him to shut up.

The train eventually stops and the group of men that Steele was harassing get up to leave. Steele steps out of the way, but can be seen balling up his hands into fists as the group walk by.

Right before they get off, one of the men punches Steele in the face, sending him almost into the opposite wall.

The incident is very unexpected, and Steele is knocked unconscious for a few seconds. Some passengers cheer the incident.

A few passengers go to assist him, but others say to just leave him. You can hear comments in the video saying "don't help a racist" and "you deserved that."

Steele eventually wakes up and a worker on the train comes to assist him.

After the video went viral online, people were debated the act of violence.

Steele was identified by The Daily Mail who also spoke to his mother. His family owns the business S&S Steel Fixing Limited.

Toni Steele told The Mail her son handed himself in to the police and he will not be pressing charges against the man who punched him.

The Mail quotes her as saying:

"Billy is on this video that has gone viral. He has gone to the police and owned up. He doesn't want the man who hit him to be punished."
"He is getting help for his behavior."

One could wonder if it was the racist rant or the fact he was knocked out in one hit that was so embarrassing.

The British Transport Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident. They are asking for help with more information.

A spokesman says:

"We are aware of two videos on social media showing an incident on a Central Line Underground train on 15 August."
"Enquiries are ongoing, and any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to contact BTP.