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This British Retailer Uses Velcro Instead Of Buttons And Zippers To Make Dressing Easier For Disabled Children ❤️

Sometimes it's the smallest changes that make all the difference!

Iconic British retailer Marks & Spencer just came out with a line of children's wear aimed directly at the specific needs of disabled children and people are absolutely loving it.

M&S took two years to create the line with the help and input of a consultant pediatrician, customers and parents from three specialist schools that work with children with a wide range of disabilities and needs.

The result is a line that makes simple changes in design to make dressing much easier, addresses comfort issues for kids with sensory issues and accommodate things like casts and feeding tubes that some conditions require.

For example, zippers and buttons are replaced with simple snaps or velcro. There's a jacket that splits down the middle into two halves that fasten together with velcro, for easier dressing of a child in a wheelchair.

There's even a onesie (called a "babygrow" in the UK) that accommodates the casts babies with hip dysplasia wear.

And care has been taken to accommodate sensory disorders with things like seams, tags and fabric choices. Speaking to The Independent, M&S kidswear designer Rebecca Garner, explained:

"So whilst big sister might wear a dress with sequins, the little one who wants to match but has sensory needs will have a softer glitter."

Perhaps best of all, the line is affordable and no more expensive than M&S's other children's wear. Garner added:

"Offering great value has been a key consideration and parents purchasing Easy Dressing products will never pay more."

On social media, people were "chuffed" about the new line—as they might say across the pond—flooding Twitter and Facebook with excited responses about everything from the design to the prices.

Here's hoping Marks & Spencer has charted a path for other retailers!

H/T Buzzfeed, The Independent