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QAnon Rep. Expresses Support for 'Nonviolent' Capitol Rioter Caught Beating Police Officer

QAnon Rep. Expresses Support for 'Nonviolent' Capitol Rioter Caught Beating Police Officer

Far-right Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has repeatedly dismissed the calamity of January 6, when a mob of former President Donald Trump's extremist supporters stormed the United States Capitol in an effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Greene, who worked with the Trump administration to coordinate objections during the certification of Biden's electoral votes during the joint congressional session that day, has remained steadfast in her advocacy for the rioters arrested, and promoted nonsense that the riots weren't actually carried out by Trump supporters.

Now, Greene has expressed support for Capitol rioter Nathan DeGrave by retweeting his letter protesting his imprisonment.

DeGrave described himself in the letter as a "non violent participant" of the "rally" but video evidence compiled by ProPublica shows DeGrave in tactical gear (which he claimed was merely a costume) beating a police officer and bragging to a friend about punching someone multiple times.

Here's but one video showing DeGrave, in black tactical gear and mask, beating a security officer.

DeGrave had to be held back from pursuing the officer further.

Greene has frequently decried Vice President Kamala Harris for tweeting the link to a bail fund during her presidential campaign that helped release racial justice protesters during the historic uprisings against police brutality last summer—protests Greene has falsely claimed were overwhelming violent.

Greene herself hasn't opposed violence—in fact, she's openly supported it...when it's for conservative causes. Greene suggested shooting any liaisons who went door-to-door with information about the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines. Ahead of her election to Congress she expressed support for executing Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

So people weren't surprised that Greene was advocating for a violent conservative rioter.

In response to Greene's promise she'd be "back at that jail" to advocate for DeGrave, people fantasized she'd be back as an inmate for her promotion of the lies that fomented the insurrection.

Greene has yet to respond to the video evidence.

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