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Marco Rubio's Sudden Support For Trump Has Twitter Digging Up Some Uncomfortable Receipts

On Tuesday, June 18, President Trump "kicked off" his Presidential campaign at a MAGA rally in Orlando, Florida.

Among those in attendance was Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Unlike the Orlando Sentinel or Florida voters, Rubio expressed his support for the President on Twitter.

Of course, Twitter was quick to remind Rubio of some of things he's said about Trump in the past.

In the past, Rubio has called Trump a con-man and a liar, someone who should never represent the Republican party and claimed that he would act as a check against Trump's power.

So much for that...

Many people on Twitter believed Rubio was right the first time around, but there's no opinion he won't sell out if it's politically convenient.

Twitter users were a little less than shocked to see Rubio selling out his beliefs.

People dug up a bunch of old receipts showing how drastic Rubio's 180 has been.

All it takes for a Republican U.S. Senator to give up his country's best interests is the threat of mean tweets from Donald Trump.

Twitter hates few kinds of people more than it hates hypocrites.

Before long, Rubio will have to explain this sudden change of heart to his constituents.

How will history remember Marco Rubio?