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Soccer Player Dropped From Team For 'Continuous Farting And Laughing' In Locker Room After Loss

Soccer Player Dropped From Team For 'Continuous Farting And Laughing' In Locker Room After Loss
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We all have our own sense of humor, but most of us understand there's a time and a place for making jokes.

At work, right after a major setback, probably isn't the right time.

Brazilian soccer player, Marcelo Antonio Guedes Filho didn't seem to get that memo. He was reportedly cut from his Lyon, France team for making inappropriate jokes during a regrouping session.

In August 2021, the French team lost against the Angers—also of the French league—with a final score of 3-0.

ESPN's Julien Lauren reported Filho made crude butt and bathroom jokes while Lyon's club captain, Leo Dubois, was attempting to strategize with the team about how to move forward from the loss and rally their spirits.

Team Manager Peter Bosz and Sporting Director Juninho Pernambucano were both in attendance. Filho proceeded to interrupt them as well.

Amidst the locker room meeting, Filho proceeded to interrupt the discussion with loud farts and constant laughing.

Lauren reported:

"Marcelo was caught laughing during captain Leo Dubois' speech to rally the troops following the game, which didn't go down well with manager Peter Bosz and sporting director Juninho."
"However, according to ESPN sources, Marcelo was also disciplined by the club for repeatedly farting among his teammates in the dressing room and laughing in the presence of Juninho and Bosz."

Despite Filho's important contributions to the team and high scoring performance, Filho's actions in August 2021 were deemed inexcusable. The decision for the Lyon team to move forward without him was made in January 2022.

Though farting itself is a perfectly normal bodily function that sometimes happens without our control, Filho was doing so excessively with the intention of joking around, though the behavior was hardly appropriate at the time.

Some thought Filho's actions were incredibly immature.

Others thought that dropping him from the team was a bit much.

Filho was picked up by team Bordeaux for the next season.

He denied the reason for his contract being cut at Lyon.