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Diabetic TikToker Floored After Manager Doesn't Believe Her Syringes Are For Injecting Insulin

Diabetic TikToker Floored After Manager Doesn't Believe Her Syringes Are For Injecting Insulin
A diabetic woman was confronted by her manager at work after he found syringes among her personal belongings and automatically suspected she was using drugs.
But before notifying authorities, he decided to do a little cross-examining.

Abby Gebo, a.k.a. TikToker @thegebos, recounted what happened at work the day her boss immediately drew the conclusion she was up to no good while on the clock.

She captioned the video–which had about 80,000 views as of this writing–with:

“Diabetic story time."

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Gebo started the semi-viral video explaining about the time her manager "almost called the cops on me for having a chronic illness."

She reenacted the conversation she had with the manager as if it were a one-person play, starting with the manager addressing another worker.

"Hey, hostess number 1, I may need you to call the cops. Give me a couple minutes though."

The manager then asked to whom the suspicious backpack belonged. When Gebo told him it was hers, he responded, "You know Abby, I really expected better from you."

"Are you just holding these for someone? Because you don't look like you would have these," he asked.



And when she said she had no idea what he was talking about, the manager replied, "drugs. Are you doing drugs?" and told her about the syringes he found in her personal belongings.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's website, employers "cannot ask questions about your disability unless they are related to your job and necessary for the conduct of your employer's business."

But that must have slipped the manager's mind here.




Gebo explained she had diabetes and reminded him he knew that already.

But instead of offering any compassion, he argued his niece was diabetic and has only ever used pumps, not syringes, for insulin.

He remained unimpressed with her response and demanded proof.

She tried to rationalize with him, explaining that not everyone could afford to use pumps.

Even though she didn't feel obligated to explain herself to him at the moment, she reluctantly wound up showing him the insulin vial as proof she was innocent of the accusation.

People found the situation sadly relatable.




The manager, after seeing the proof he demanded and realizing he was wrong then told her, "You're lucky. But I'm watching you."

“And that was the day I quit,” Gebo told viewers.

The Daily Dot said they reached out to the TikToker and are awaiting a response.