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Man Picks Up And Hurls Rabid Bobcat Across His Lawn After It Attacked His Wife In Wild Viral Video

Man Picks Up And Hurls Rabid Bobcat Across His Lawn After It Attacked His Wife In Wild Viral Video

A recent viral video captured the harrowing moments as a man threw a bobcat across the front yard of his suburban home after the creature attacked his wife in their driveway.

At only 46 seconds, the short clip packed a punch. It's no surprise it already has over 12 million views on Twitter.

The appeal of the video likely draws its intensity from the relatively mundane opening seconds.

The man sauntered out to his car on a clear spring morning with a sheet of baked goods in hand.

He greeted a jogging neighbor and set his coffee mug on top of the car, before commenting aloud:

"I need to wash my car."

Thus far, all was calm and quiet.

And then, suddenly, a loud roar came out of nowhere and the woman on the other side of the car began sprinting down the driveway with a bobcat attacking her.

The man rushed around to the back of the car, only to come back into view on the lawn with the bobcat. In disbelief, he screamed, "Oh my God, it's a bobcat!" before throwing the wild animal across the lawn.

As the animal scurried away back toward the house, the man pulled a gun that was apparently hanging on his belt the entire time.

Repeatedly, he shouted "I'm gonna shoot that fu**er!"

People online were stunned by all that went down in the video.

As for an update, CBS' John-Carlos Estrada tweeted the bobcat was shot and discovered to be rabid.

Bobcats and Lynx are generally reclusive, timid creatures that prefer to avoid humans.

One acting aggressively in a heavily populated area is cause for concern.

Todayreported that the incident occurred in Pender County, North Carolina. The Pender County Sheriff's Office, published a statement on Facebook following the event.

Surveillance cameras are excellent for giving people a sense of security.

And, as we seem to learn every single day while scrolling through social media feeds, those cameras are also amazing at catching some truly unusual moments that erupt out of nowhere.