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Guy's Sleep Recorder App Embarrassingly Catches A Lot More Than Just The Sound Of Snoring

@fin_costick/Twitteryacobchuk via Getty Images

Sleep recorders are supposed to be helpful simply in catching sleep apnea so a doctor can effectively treat it.

But unfortunately, you can't control all your bodily functions while you sleep, as @fin_costick found out the hard way.

He set his recorder and it caught something rather unfortunate.

...on five separate occasions.

Other Twitter users found it hard to contain their reactions to the gassy emissions.

Some people even got really creative.

But some people also found solace.

But mostly people were just absolutely dying.

Be warned: if you download the sleep recorder app, you may be setting yourself up to learn things about yourself you wish you didn't know.

6:40 am happens every day.

The book Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence is available here.


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