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Man Gets An Unpleasant Surprise After Opening A Ghostbusters-Themed Can Of Pasta From 1992


A man has entertained his Twitter followers by opening a 28-year-old can of pasta in a “revolting" experiment.

Matt, who did not want his surname to be used, said the Heinz Real Ghostbusters Pasta from 1992 could have been sold as a collectible before the can began to degrade.

“Believe it or not, even items like this find their way on to the collectible market, and can sell for a lot more than you'd probably imagine," Matt from New York told the PA news agency.


Posting the entire experience to Twitter, Matt said he wore a mask and gloves, while the can opener “will never be used again."

He told PA:

“Under normal circumstances I would've left the can sealed and hoped the aluminum would outlive me, but in this case, the acidity of the tomato sauce weakened the can to the point where it was starting to seep through."
“It was a mercy killing, you see."


Matt described the smell of the discontinued pasta as “the dirtiest fish tank ever" mixed with “a whole jar of oregano."

“The experience was…well, revolting, to be honest," he told PA.

“I suppose it didn't look so bad, but the smell was outrageous…I've opened old food cans before. Sometimes it might look worse, but this one sure smelled worse."

Matt told PA that he has gained 500 Twitter followers since he conducted the experiment.

“Happy Halloween, and please be safer than I was today," he signed off the Twitter thread.