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TikToker Reveals How She Discovered Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her—As He Proposed

TikToker Tiffany Lyn explained how she was filming her boyfriend's proposal in Orlando using his phone when he started to receive text messages from his mistress.

Screenshots from Tiffany Lyn's TikTok videos

A woman on TikTok got the surprise of a lifetime when her boyfriend proposed to her in front of a crowd at an amusement park in Orlando.

Oh wait.

Make that two surprises of a lifetime...because as the TikToker revealed in her video, she was watching texts come in from his "mistress" the whole time he was popping the question.

Let's start from the beginning of the video that has now been viewed more than 3 million times.

TikToker Tiffany Lyn explained that she had been dating her boyfriend for about two years when he decided to surprise her with "a little bit of fun at the amusement parks" in Orlando.

While she explained she was "madly in love with him," she revealed they weren't exactly ready for marriage.

Well, upon arriving at the park, her boyfriend signed up to be a contestant in a competition. He got selected and urged Lyn to record the event.

She shared:

“So right before the show is about to start, and he's about to start to compete, he hands me over his cell phone and says, ‘Babe, please film this, I want you to see what's going to happen.'"
“And I'm just like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so cute. How much fun!' Like, this is my dream come true.”

The TikToker noted everything was going great in the competition, her boyfriend had won a few challenges and she was having a good ol' time.

But as she continued to record, Lyn was shocked to see angry texts to her soon-to-be fiancé come through on his phone.

“He starts to receive text messages that are popping up on the screen."
“The text messages turned out to be from his mistress that he's been messing with the whole time we are together.”

Apparently, the TikToker's boyfriend decided to break things off THAT DAY.

“I guess that morning he had texted her to let her know like, ‘Hey, it's over between us because I'm about to get engaged today.'"
“And she threw a sh*t fit even though she herself was married.”

Of course, things were just warming up for her boyfriend who had no idea what was transpiring.

“At this point, my heart absolutely drops and I want to vomit."
“And I'm sitting here in a crowd with hundreds of people, maybe even thousands of people, trying to keep my hands steady and filming what's happening as he's proposing and announcing it to this whole freaking stadium full of people."
“But I really know what's happening as I'm seeing these texts flash across the screen.”

The moment her boyfriend proposed, she said "yes," as she shared she's “not the type of girl that likes it when people see [them] sweat” and the audience was absolutely living for this proposal.

“Once he shows up, he immediately gives me a huge hug, tells me that he loves me, and of course, does the proposal again to my face."

Lyn pulled her boyfriend into a quieter location, as there were still several people watching the spectacle, and confronted him.

“I bring him over to the bar area and I sit him down and I tell him everything that I know."
"He didn't try to deny [it], he knew that he was caught. And for the next 30 minutes, he proceeded to just tell me everything that he thought I wanted to hear, and I was just numb."

She added:

“The only words that I can manage to muster up at this point were, ‘Baby this two-carat diamond ring. It's just not gonna be enough’.”

You can watch below.

WARNING: NSFW language


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People in the comments asserted things would have gone much differently had they been the main character in this twisted story.







Of course, the masses needed to know what happened next.

A couple of days later, Lyn posted a follow-up revealing she didn't actually say "yes" to the that time...and the two rode home “in awkward silence.”

Then she shared:

“But about two days later, the unhealed version of myself that I was, I agreed to put the ring on and play fiancée."

She added, however, that it was doomed from the beginning.

“Maybe two or three months at the most went by after that proposal and, of course, we fell apart."
“He was never gonna win my trust back. It was never gonna work."
"I had so much invested in this relationship that it was really hard to break it off immediately. Again, we're human and I'm not messy. So I really tried to give it a go.”
“It took about two years and $10,000 of therapy just to finally be right again with myself.”

The TikToker shared with her viewers that she gave the ring back because she “didn’t want anything from him” and began the process of working through the trauma.

“The best thing I ever did was leave that relationship with my head held high."
“And, ultimately, I educated myself with all tools that I needed to make sure that I never associated with another man like that ever again."
“Proof in point, he's never had a single successful relationship after that. He married someone after me, lasted about a year, and anything he's ever done since then, it's all gone."
“His life is miserable. I didn't have to do that to him, he did that to himself.”

You can watch part two below.


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Viewers of the follow-up applauded the creator for doing things in her own time and ultimately finding growth and healing from her experience.








What insane timing!

We're glad she found out when she did and was able to heal.