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Woman Terrified After Maintenance Man Threatens To Break Into Her Apartment To 'See Her Face'

Woman Terrified After Maintenance Man Threatens To Break Into Her Apartment To 'See Her Face'

A woman in Louisiana received threatening text messages from a building maintenance man who wanted to enter her apartment "just to see her face."

Bee, age 36, lives in a privately owned building. It's a mansion turned into a four unit apartment where the maintenance man and landlord have the phone numbers of all the tenants.

Bee's neighbor had just moved out, so she wasn't surprised to get a "How are you?" text from the maintenance man who may have needed to enter her apartment to fix something shared between the two units.

The text read:

"Good morning girl."
"How are you?"

Bee replied:

"I'm alright."
"Are you about to tell me you need to come into my apartment?"

The man answered:

"Yes just to see your face."
"I miss you."

Bee gave a short response back:

"Oh lol."

She tweeted the screenshots from the conversation.

She told Buzzfeed why she said "lol":

"When I responded 'oh lol,' it was the same as an in real life nervous chuckle."
"I literally did not know how else to respond to that kind of message from a person I was not interested in."
"Even the nicest person can be harmful."

The man asked if he could come in, and Bee replied "No sir."


The man said:

"Coz I'm here (sic)."
"I'm coming in."

When Bee threatened to call the police, the man back peddled and pretended like it was all a joke.

"I'm in the next apartment stop tripping."
"Got you."
"Hope everything is fine."



Bee told Buzzfeed she broke the lease and moved as soon as she was able to do so because she felt unsafe in that apartment.

She also didn't feel like she could give a complaint to the landlords either.

"The owners were a married couple that just owned and renovated a house."
"They didn't care about anything but the rent."
"All of the tenants had several complaints about various things. Nothing was ever handled."

The couple mostly employed family and friends, so making a complaint would be difficult since their relationship to this man would be questionable.

Some people tried to victim blame Bee for whatever reason they could come up with, but many came to her defense.

Some even shared their own stories.





Bee shared how she felt seeing so many women share similar stories:

"I was really not surprised to see so many women share very similar stories."
"But even though I wasn't surprised, I was saddened and angered that so many women could relate."
"Some men just feel entitled to women."

It is never okay to wield your power over someone.

It's time men learn that lesson.