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MAGA Fan Claims Drag Shows Kill Way More People Than Guns In Outrageous 'Good Liars' Video

Comedians 'The Good Liars' shared a clip of a Trump supporter they interviewed who absurdly claimed '100,000' people die from drag shows each year.

TikTok screenshots of the MAGA fan's interview with The Good Liars

The Good Liars, a comedy duo known for lampooning American politics, went viral once again after they shared a clip of a Trump supporter they interviewed who absurdly claimed "100,000 people" die from drag shows each year.

The "interview" is especially noteworthy because it comes at a time when conservatives are passing draconian legislation to ban drag performances around the country. It was also held in the wake of a mass shooting at Nashville's Covenant School that claimed the lives of three children and three adults.

When asked if he thinks more people have been killed at drag shows than by guns, the man replied that he doesn't know but that "the long term effects are detrimental."

When informed that at least 48,000 people die because of gun violence each year, the man replied:

"Okay, well, there's probably 100,000 that die from drag shows."

You can hear what he said in the video below.


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The segment went viral, particularly after a Twitter user posted a screenshot from the interview and remarked that "the mind of a conservative is truly a sight to behold."

Many were equally incredulous and mocked the man for his absurd statement.

The Good Liars have previously showcased what can only be described as an alternate reality of sorts among Trump supporters that highlights the strength of former Republican President Donald Trump's cult of personality.

For instance, last year social media users were left dumbfounded after one of Trump's ardent supporters insisted Democratic President Joe Biden is in fact dead and the imposter is actually just actor Jim Carrey in a mask.

The woman, who wore a T-shirt bearing an animated likeness of the former President, claimed "the person that’s doing the stand-up job of trying to wake people up, is an actor wearing a mask."

She said she believes "there are several different people playing Joe Biden at this point."

The woman then referenced a moment last year when Biden fell three times walking up the stairs of Air Force One, saying she thinks "that was Jim Carrey," who was “being silly by falling up the stairs three different times."