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Right-Wing Candidate Blasted For Comparing Himself To Rosa Parks During Anti-Vax Sit-In Protest

Right-Wing Candidate Blasted For Comparing Himself To Rosa Parks During Anti-Vax Sit-In Protest
Darryl Mackie/Twitter

People's Party of Canada candidate Darryl Mackie recently posted a video of himself staging a sit-in at local coffee chain Tim Horton's to protest Ontario's new vaccine passport legislation.

During this video he compared himself to famed civil rights activist Rosa Parks, and his desire to avoid doing his duty for public health to her legitimate struggles to be afforded the same rights as white people, and the internet proceeded to drag him—hard.

During Mackie's minute-and-a-half-long video, he referred to fighting Canada's new vaccine passport legislation as "our Rosa Parks moment," demonstrating a staggering lack of self-awareness or understanding of the Civil Rights Movement.

He further claimed that his unvaccinated trip to Tim Horton's was to protest "segregation in our society"

"This is our Rosa Parks moment. What they did in the States—segregating black people from society, making them sit at the back of the bus, not being able to drink out of certain water fountains and excluding them from certain restaurants—was absolutely wrong then and is wrong now."
"And we are doing the same thing and I will stand against it. So I will sit in this restaurant, like these other people here, and stand on my right as a free man and we'll see what happens."

You can view Mackie's whole video in the tweet below, where he even managed to fit in a famous quote from Patrick Henry:

Twitter users were quick to point out all of the holes in Mackie's impassioned coffee shop speech.

Some chastised him for adding more work and stress onto already-overworked Tim Horton's employees.

The sarcasm was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Mackie was arrested and charged with trespassing and failure to leave the premises after refusing to leave Tim Horton's despite being asked to do so repeatedly.