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Teen With Record-Breaking Long Legs Speaks Out To Encourage Others To 'Embrace' Their Differences

Maci Currin has the record for world's longest legs (Guinness World Records)

A US teenager who has secured the record for longest legs in the world has said people with unique physical attributes should “embrace it."

Maci Currin from Texas has knocked Russia's Ekaterina Lisina off the top spot for longest female legs.

The 17-year-old's record-breaking legs measure 134.3cm (right) and 135.3cm (left), which she said she realized could be in the running for the Guinness World Records when she was offered a custom-made pair of leggings.

Maci Currin is awarded her world recordMaci Currin is awarded her world record (Guinness World Records)

Ms. Currin, who stands at 6ft 10in, said that she would encourage people with unique physical attributes “don't hide it, embrace it."

She said she hopes that her record title will inspire tall women across the world.

Despite her long legs, Ms. Currin is a few inches off the spot of tallest living woman, which is currently held by Sun Fang from China, who stands at 7ft 3in.