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Women Alarmed After Catching Lyft Driver 'Secretly Writing Down' Address They Were Staying At

Women Alarmed After Catching Lyft Driver 'Secretly Writing Down' Address They Were Staying At

With 8.9 million views, a woman on TikTok, @its_timmie, filmed herself in a Lyft with her friends while the driver wrote down their address on a notepad in the front seat.

The video started with text over the video that said:

"When the Lyft driver 'secretly' writes down your address as you get in a car with a group of girls."

Be safe out there, ladies!!!!

The driver asked:

"So how much longer are you guys gonna be here?"

The women thought quickly and gave him two lies:

"A lot of us are leaving tonight and tomorrow."
"It's a girls night though. We left the boys at the place."

Timmie stared down and motioned to the other women not to ruin her lie and to remain quiet.

The driver proceeded to ask how long the women would be in the area and about their late flights.

Timmie updated everyone in a video and explained everyone made it home safe.


Reply to @lyssa034 UPDATE

She explained the women were in Nashville for a bachelorette party:

"When we got in the Lyft, I noticed he was writing down every single address that he was driving to on a notepad in the front seat, which I think is unnecessary."
"Why are you ever going to need my address in the future? That was the first red flag."
"And as we were driving, that's when my friend made up that we were leaving that night, hoping that he wouldn't want to come back, he would think we weren't there."
"And that's when I said that we had guys back at the Airbnb"
"So that's why we gave that information, both were lies."

At some point, the driver stopped the car in the middle of the road to show them something on his phone. Timmie was then able to see in the front seat to confirm he had their address written down.

They quickly made a fake phone call to the "boys back at home" to fortify their lie about their girls' night out.

They were able to leave before they got to their Airbnb:

"We ended up getting out at a light and I called Lyft Critical Help. They were super helpful."
"He won't be driving again."

The comments were a mix of praise for their quick thinking and women chiming in with similar stories.













In a final video, Timmie explained she may have been wrong about the situation, but for so many who commented, that was not the case.

Better safe than sorry.


Reply to @fabulyssboutique speak up!

She wanted everyone who watched the video to know it's okay to speak up and do something when you feel uncomfortable about a situation.