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Log Cabin GOP Group Ditches 'Ambassador' After She Says Gay People Make Her 'Want To Vomit'

Isabella Riley Moody says she was named as one of seven new 'ambassadors' for Outspoken specifically to 'make homophobic videos for them.'

Isabella Riley Moody

In what has got to be an epic self-own, a leading Republican organization claiming to represent LGBTQ+ conservatives and their allies has dropped a newly-appointed ambassador after she made homophobic remarks.

Three weeks ago, Outspoken–an off-shoot of Log Cabin Republicans, whose alleged mission is to support "equality under the law for all, free markets, individual liberty, limited government, and a strong national defense"–announced Isabella Riley Moody as one of seven ambassadors selected to represent the organization.

Outspoken touted her as:

“a modern conservative woman. She speaks out against those who demean and denigrate American values.”

Last month, Moody relished in her status on Twitter after being appointed, writing:

“This is literally SO GAY! Happy to be the token straight homophobic b*tch ambassador for @GetOutspokenUSA !"


However, the conservative pro-LGBTQ+ organization seemed to have missed the part about Moody being a straight, far-right internet troll.

Moody has a history of making homophobic statements–including when she bragged about the gay slur f*ggot” being part of her “everyday vocabulary”.

The irony of Moody's selection to represent the conservative LGBTQ+ group was on full display during a discussion with fellow far-right conspiracy theorist and homophobe, Stew Peters, on The Stew Peters Show.

Moody stated that gay people make her "want to vomit.”

It looks like Outspoken's description of Moody as “fearless, fun, and unapologetic” didn't align with Moody's self-proclamation of being a "straight homophobic b*tch ambassador."

Prior to discussing the topic of right-wing LGBTQ+ people in the interview, Peters subtly allowed Moody to use the word "f*ggot" even though he received FCC violation warnings in the past after using the anti-gay slur.

The interview resumed with Moody sharing her true thoughts about right-wing gays.

“I’ve been able to speak out against the homosexuality in the right-wing movement and still maintain some friendships, in that sense, which I don’t condone what they do, I want to make that clear."
"But I agree with you, it’s hard. I am a Trump supporter, but sometimes it’s … the contradictions in all this pro-Log Cabin Republican stuff, it really just grosses me out and makes me want to vomit.”

She made a contradictory statement about the group's alleged pro-LGBTQ+ mission.

“Outspoken, the specific thing I’m an ambassador for, is actually the ones who are ‘outspoken’ against the gay culture and putting gays on a pedestal."
"That’s really what that’s about. I actually don’t follow the organization. I actually don’t know what they do."

When Moody claimed the organization encouraged her to spout homophobic rhetoric, a descriptor she uttered was audibly censored, indicating she may have used a gay slur despite earlier being advised not to.

“They asked me if I want to be an ambassador, with all the crazy stuff I say about [censored word], and I said, ‘Sure, I’m not going to change what I say.’"
"And they loved it and said they’d like me to make homophobic videos.”

You can watch her interview with Peters, here.

Some conservatives face-palmed over LCR's selection of a bigot to represent them.

And she's aware of what she's exactly doing.

Critics remain appalled.

On March 7, Moody doubled down on her bigotry by further accusing gay people of grooming.

"Being a homosexual and proclaiming it PROUDLY has ZERO PLACE inside the Republican Party or within the conservative movement."
"Just as Christians should be ashamed of and repent for their sins, so too should homosexuals be ashamed, and repent."
"Further, being 'gay and proud' is itself GROOMING. If you're gay and flaunting it proudly, you're recruiting. And you should STOP it. NOW."

After her spewing her hatred of homosexuals, Moody was unceremoniously omitted from Outspoken's list of new ambassadors last week.