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Classic Whitney Houston Film 'The Bodyguard' Is Getting A Remake—And Fans Have A Duo In Mind

Classic Whitney Houston Film 'The Bodyguard' Is Getting A Remake—And Fans Have A Duo In Mind
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A classic romance movie is being remade, and people are fancasting a flirtatious duo for the lead roles.

The 1992 Warner Bros. movie The Bodyguard, starring famed vocalist Whitney Houston and counterpart Kevin Costner reportedly has a remake in the works.

For anyone who hasn't seen the 90s hit, The Bodyguard is a romantic drama featuring Houston as Rachel Marron, an actor and singer, whose life is being threatened.

When a bomb explodes in Marron's dressing room, her manager hires Frank Farmer—a former Secret Service agent played by Costner—to protect her.

While at first Farmer and Marron don't quite see eye to eye—Farmer being straight-laced and serious and Marron being a dramatic diva—eventually the two fall for each other in a predictable romantic trope. Their ensuing relationship then becomes a threat to both of their lives.

Originally penned in 1975 by Lawrence Kasdan—of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc fame—the movie originally intended to star Diana Ross and Steve McQueen. However, the script bounced around for a while, never gaining much traction until the early 1990s when the film was finally made a reality.

While the film got mixed reviews, it became an instant hit in theaters thanks to Houston's vocal talent. The film presented the songs "I Have Nothing," "I Am Every Woman" and the Dolly Parton penned "I Will Always Love You." The film's soundtrack remains a bestseller.

So far, the remake has landed Matthew López—known for his work as playwright for Broadway's The Inheritance—as the screenplay writer.

While no casting leads have been announced at this time, fans are storming Twitter and demanding the movie cast their dream romance duo—Lizzo and Chris Evans.

Lizzo, Grammy winning vocalist and flutist, and Evans, famous for his starring role in Marvel's Captain America franchise, have been publicly flirtatious with each other for months.

Their provocative banter has left fans with a "will they or won't they" obsession over the often-shipped couple.

While Lizzo and Evans haven't publicly announced any serious romantic pursuit of each other, they have exchanged flirtatious drunk texts, and even jokingly announced they were having a baby together.

It seems even Lizzo herself approves of the idea of starring in the remake with Evans.

She responded to fans' suggestions on Twitter, saying:

"Screaming 🤣yall tew much 🤣"

Due to the suggestive nature of Lizzo and Evans' conversations, fans are loving the thought of the two celebs starring in a romantic drama together.

This pairing is just a fancasting for now, but who knows?