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Guy Holds The Door Open For Liquor Store Customer Only To Attack Him After He Fails To Say 'Thank You'

Guy Holds The Door Open For Liquor Store Customer Only To Attack Him After He Fails To Say 'Thank You'
Polk Sheriff/Youtube

A very one-sided rumble recently broke out in a Florida liquor store offers a couple reminders.

First, remember your manners. But more importantly, remember that it's 2020 and people are acting WILD these days.

According to WTSP, the Polk County Sheriff's Office is on the hunt for a man in Lakeland, Florida after he attacked a fellow customer in a liquor store on May 9.

Though security footage captured the altercation, police have not identified the attacker. The sheriff's office published the security video online and encouraged anybody with information to come forward.

The video captured the whole ordeal. First, the would-be attacker held the door open for a straggling customer on his way to enter. Notice the stutter step hesitation on the part of the man holding the door.

In that instant, an age-old decision was on display.

The oncoming customer was exactly far enough from the door that the holder had to stand and wait to fulfill the polite duty. He was forced to choose between letting the door slam in the guy's face or stand there while they both felt awkward waiting for the straggler to rush up.

He chose to stay and hold it open. Perhaps that bit of extra generosity accounted for what would come next.

The video then captured both men talking over an aisle in the store. It's not clear what was said in that moment but immediately afterwards, one of the men--the door-holder--hauled around the aisle and attacked the other.

Customer attacked in Publix liquor

WTSP reported that when sheriff's deputies questioned the victim, that conversation came into focus.

The victim explained that after he walked into the store, the once-polite gentleman asked an escalating question:

"You don't say 'thank you' to people who hold the door for you?"

When the victim said "thank you" the suspect went on:

"I'll kick your [butt] if you say another word."

The cheeky victim then said "another word" at which point he was attacked.

Facebook comments on the posted video offered a wide variety of moral judgments, some more productive than others.

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Unfortunately, moral judgments and technology critiques did not supply police with any further information about the attacker's identity, leaving this an open case.