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Lil Nas X Responded With A Legendary Clapback After A Troll Claimed He Isn't 'Really Gay'

Lil Nas X Responded With A Legendary Clapback After A Troll Claimed He Isn't 'Really Gay'
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Lil Nas X is already well known for being one of those people that's just really good at Twitter. Great at memes, great at jokes, an all-around Twitter King.

And his latest viral tweet shows he's also expert-level when it comes to the subtle art of the clapback.

When a troll tried to claim "dis manz ain't really gay," Lil Nas X's reply was one for the Twitter hall of fame.

Fittingly, Lil Nas X's tweet is a nod to one of Twitter's favorite memes as well as an old stereotype.

In the meme, a picture of a "limp wrist" with the caption, "is he (or she), you know...", referencing the way some people used to ask if people were gay without actually asking if they were gay.

The meme originated with a picture of a very sassy Spongebob Squarepants, one hand limp-wristed, the other on his hip.

It's a fitting meme since Nickelodeon recently announced that Spongebob is, in fact, you know...

Over time, the meme has since grown to encompass everything from limp-wristed animals to pictures of celebrities with their wrists bent. It's a classic.

But back to Lil Nas X.

How did this whole conversation about his sexuality even start?

Well, Lil Nas X has a single coming out titled "Call Me By Your Name," presumably a reference to the gay-themed 2017 romantic drama (and the novel on which it is based) of the same name. In an earlier tweet, Lil Nas X teased a snippet of the upcoming song.

To which someone responded that they liked the song and that Lil Nas X was the "only gay person I can respect."

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Which is bad enough.

But then another troll responded by saying Lil Nas X "ain't really gay." Which is even worse.

But on the bright side, it inspired Lil Nas X's perfect response. Silver linings!

And on Twitter, folks were absolutely here for it.

"Call Me By Your Name" is Lil Nas X's first new music since his explosive debut EP last year, "7EP." He's currently at work on a new album, due out later this year.