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Self-Proclaimed 'Liberal Redneck' Brilliantly Lays Into Kyrsten Sinema For Ignoring Her Constituents

Self-Proclaimed 'Liberal Redneck' Brilliantly Lays Into Kyrsten Sinema For Ignoring Her Constituents
Trae Crowder / YouTube; Samuel Corum / Getty Images

The debate around the filibuster is heating up, as the Democrat controlled Congress has been trying and failing to pass their legislation.

Many activists are calling for a reform or complete removal of the filibuster in order to get legislation passed.

Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona has been heavily criticized for being one of the holdouts—refusing to reform the archaic procedure enacted during debates over slavery and segregation. The filibuster was not included in the original congressional framework, but was added and expanded to allow slave states and later segregated states to block attempts by a numerical congressional majority to outlaw slavery or pass basic human rights legislation.

Sinema's arguments against changing the rule just got harder to justify.

Self-proclaimed "liberal redneck" Trae Crowder addressed the issue in one of his latest videos.

Specifically, Crowder responded to an op-ed in The Washington Post written by Sinema about why she believes we need to keep the filibuster.

In Sinema's piece, she argued removing the filibuster to pass legislation would just allow that legislation to be undone when Republicans took control of Congress again. Instead she wants to focus on "bipartisan" support for bills.

Crowder, pointed out how ridiculous that is, saying:

"Only a damn moderate Democrat would be planning on a future defeat."

He continued, pointing out overturning laws is always a possibility, no matter the situation.

The chance a law will get overturned is always a possibility, but it's significantly harder when it's a popular one. Crowder pointed to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as an example.

Despite Republicans numerous attempts over the last several years and control of Congress at times, they've found it hard to get enough support to repeal the law.

This is because despite having propaganda getting their constituents to dislike Obamacare, individual pieces of the legislation are incredibly popular and a repeal would hurt Republican support.

Lastly, Crowder argued if Republicans want to repeal popular legislation such as laws expanding voter protection and Medicare, make them. Make them stand on television and argue why people don't deserve the right to vote, or why people shouldn't get healthcare and watch their support drop.

This ties into the previous point. Republicans would find it difficult to repeal laws directly helping their constituents.

Or as Crowder put it:

"If we're not full of sh** on the left, and the policies we support work the way we say they would and help people, then put them in place, get to helping people, and make those mother f***ers claw it all back in broad daylight."
"Make them be the face of undoing helpful legislation if they even have the capacity, because otherwise what are we even doing here?"

The criticism of Sinema's opinion is resoundingly popular.

Despite the wave of criticism against Sinema and fellow Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, the two Senators have remained steadfast in refusing to change or remove the filibuster.

Recently a bipartisan version of President Joe Biden's wide ranging infrastructure bill was negotiated to severely cut back on what Biden proposed.

But despite bipartisanship, this bill looks like it may still have issues passing.