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Parents Get Delicious Revenge After Christian School Shuns Them For Supporting LGBTQ+ People

Jaymi and Josh faced a flurry of backlash from fellow parents and the church they've belonged to since they were children after posting on Instagram to stand with LGBTQ+ people.

TikTok screenshots of @familyandcoffee

Parents on TikTok have gone viral after posting a video of sweet revenge.

Jaymi and Josh, who are known on TikTok as @familyandcoffee, revealed they were shunned from their church—which they had been attending since childhood—and its school—which their children attended—after posting their support of LGBTQ+ rights on Instagram.

On December 9, Josh posted to Instagram LGBTQ+ people are "made in the image of God," adding Jesus loves them "wholeheartedly for who you are."

"I stand with those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. You are family."
"I love you and affirm you and Jesus does not hate you but loves you; wholeheartedly for who you are. I am sorry for how I have hurt you. I am sorry for how the church has hurt you."

According to the TikTok, the church was not okay with the post and even took action.

You can watch the TikTok below.


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Jaymi and Josh revealed on the eve of a museum field trip for one of their children, the school told Josh he was no longer allowed to chaperone due to parent complaints.

In addition, the school revealed Jaymi and Josh were no longer invited to any school events where children would be present.

"We were told that he couldn't go [on the field trip] because parents complained about our social media posts affirming the LGBTQ community."

Jaymi continued:

"And so I said, 'So our years of youth ministry and our career serving children now make us an inherent harm to kids?'"
"And they basically said, 'Yes,' and, 'You are not welcome at any school event where there are kids present."

The parents revealed though they wanted to keep their children in the school for the rest of the year, not being able to attend assemblies or celebrations at the school helped them decide to unenroll them early.

They did still get to take part indirectly in a celebration... in a "petty" way, as Josh put it.

"And so we pulled them out, and the last day of school, we sent in cupcakes to celebrate, and we just decided to... I don't know, be fun with it.

Josh interjected:

"Be petty."

The video then showed the celebratory cupcakes, complete with pink and green frosting topped with rainbow and unicorn decorations.

Many viewers agreed with their decision to pull their kids out of the school.




Several also loved the "petty" cupcakes.





Others shared their gratitude, thanking the couple for standing strong in their convictions.





Jaymi revealed to Yahoo Life upon enrolling their children in the school, they were required to "sign a contract, a belief statement" that confirms they "agree to uphold the school's stance on traditional gender and sexuality, which is that there's only two genders and that only a man and woman can get married."

She explained:

"When we first started sending our kids to the school, that's really what we had been raised to believe was the right way."
"But over the past few years, I haven't felt comfortable with that. And so, when we started publicly posting that we are affirming of the LGBTQ community, the school really just changed their viewpoint towards us."
"And the parents at the school started complaining that we were at the school."

The family has since found an "extremely welcoming" church, and they shared their children are "thriving" at their new school.

Josh added:

"There is such beauty in the queer community, and I don't think it's represented and talked about enough."
"When I really dove into understanding and getting to hear people's stories, I realized how much love and beauty there really is."