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Monica Lewinsky's Unsettling Realization About How Bad Our Government Has Gotten Has People Relating Hard

Jared Siskin/Getty Images

In 1998, Monica Lewinsky was in the middle of a nationwide scandal over her sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton. She was lampooned on countless comedy shows and universally shamed.

Since that time, the public has taken a far more forgiving view of Lewinsky, who was 22 at the time her boss, the most powerful man in the country, made sexual advances towards her. But the memories of such a harrowing time would haunt anyone.

But, following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Mitch McConnell's insistence on pushing through a Trump nomination (despite his refusal to consider Barack Obama's nominee four years ago), Lewinsky had a shocking revelation.

The nation is scarier now than it was to her in 1998.

The appointment of another Supreme Court Justice is clearly on the forefront of Lewinsky's mind.

Twitter couldn't help but feel a little worried by the troubling state of our Democracy.

Many thanked Lewinsky for speaking out!

Many reluctantly admitted the United States has more than a couple issues that need ironed out.

For many Americans who don't identify as White men, the loss of RBG could mean that their civil rights are now once again in danger.

This is, without a doubt, a frightening time to live in the United States.

And things don't show any sign of changing as long as President Trump remains in charge of the nation.