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Failed GOP Candidate Roasted After Demanding People Not Refer To Jesus Using Pronouns

Lavern Spicer was swiftly reminded that the Bible uses plenty of pronouns.

Twitter screenshot of Lavern Spicer

Far-right Republican Lavern Spicer—who recently lost her bid for election in Florida's 24th congressional district—was roasted online after she demanded people not refer to Jesus Christ using pronouns.

Writing on Twitter, Cox declared that no one should "ever refer to my Lord Jesus Christ with pronouns," apparently not realizing that the words "He," "His," and "Him"—which are capitalized to refer to Jesus—are pronouns.

You can see Spicer's tweet below.

Spicer previously went viral for a tweet over the summer in which she declared that pronouns don't exist in the Constitution and yet another in which she falsely stated that there are no pronouns in the Bible.

One Twitter user brought up one of Spicer's older tweets indicating that she herself had actually used the pronouns "he," "his," and "him" to refer to Jesus Christ multiple times.

Other Twitter users just couldn't resist letting her know just how much her latest absurd claim had backfired spectacularly.

Preferred gender pronouns are the pronouns a person prefers be used when they are referred to, in order to indicate their gender identity.

It has become increasingly common for people to display their pronouns in the workplace or on social media profiles. Because pronouns are not indicative of a person's sexual orientation, not everyone who shares their pronouns necessarily identifies as LGBTQ+.

Straight, cisgender people often choose to share and display their pronouns to let others, especially LGBTQ+ individuals, know they are in a safe space, especially if their gender identity is often questioned or if they are regularly misgendered.

The use of gender pronouns in the workplace, for instance, help normalize and encourage discussions about gender in such a way that transgender and non-binary individuals can feel safe and included.

Spicer isn't the only Republican politician to be criticized for apparently misunderstanding the purpose of preferred gender pronouns.

Last year, Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert was mocked after she said that her "pronoun is patriot."

Boebert also drew criticism after she made the absurd claim that Democrats are "trying to get rid of parents" in response to the House's approved rules about the language that would be used in official documents as part of an effort to include more inclusive language.