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Laura Ingraham Says She's 'Sickened' By Biden Addressing Systemic Racism In America In Cringey Rant

Laura Ingraham Says She's 'Sickened' By Biden Addressing Systemic Racism In America In Cringey Rant
Fox News

Conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham said she was "sickened" to hear President Joe Biden "accusing America of systemic racism" in a rant on Tuesday's The Ingraham Angle.

In a segment titled, "When Everything Is Racist!", the conservative host showed a clip of Biden addressing the issue of bigotry in the country.

In a speech delivered at the U.S. Department of State Headquarters on February 4, Biden said:

"We've taken steps to acknowledge and address systemic racism and the scourge of white supremacy in our own country."

He added:

"Racial equity will not just be an issue for one department in our administration, it has to be the business of the whole of government in all our federal policies and institutions."

However, Ingraham was dismissive of the President's push against racial injustice.

She groused:

"It sickens me to hear anyone ― especially our president ― accusing America of systemic racism."
"After all, why do millions of people want to come here from all across the globe if Americans are just a bunch of racists? Are the people who wanna come here all stupid?"

She argued that "branding people, places and things as racist has become basically a favorite pastime" from the Left.

You can watch the clip of the segment, below.

People had plenty to say about her privilege and unqualified opinion on matters of race.

Ingraham is notorious for her controversial comments—many of which are deemed racist.

In February 2018, Ingraham suggested NBA players should stay out of politics when Kevin Durant and LeBron James criticized former President Donald Trump on ESPN's Uninterrupted.

In response to watching the interview, the right-wing host said it was unwise for James to "seek political advice from someone who gets paid a hundred million dollars a year to bounce a ball."

She continued:

"Millions elected Trump to be their coach. So keep the political commentary to yourself, or, as someone once said, 'shut up and dribble.'"

However, she was criticized for applying a double standard when she chose not to keep her sports commentary to herself.

In June 2020, she defended New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees—who said he would "never agree" with NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem to protest against police brutality.

Ingraham called the ensuing backlash of Brees, "totalitarian conduct" and "Stalinist."