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A Lady Gaga Fan Somehow Just Trolled FedEx Into Believing That She Nearly Hit Them With Her Truck While Delivering Packages

A Lady Gaga Fan Somehow Just Trolled FedEx Into Believing That She Nearly Hit Them With Her Truck While Delivering Packages

If you've been anywhere near an LGBTQ person lately—heck, if you've been anywhere near Twitter lately—you might have heard that Lady Gaga has an album coming out this week.

As always, the Little Monsters, her army of devoted fans, have been going crazy in anticipation.

So much so, in fact, that they convinced FedEx that Gaga has been out driving one of their trucks, running people over and insulting them—and it's got Twitter in hysterics.

The album, which drops tomorrow, is called Chromatica. But "Chromatica" is more than just an album title—it's a mythical world, of sorts, kind of like a Gaga-themed Wakanda.

As she described it to Rolling Stone:

"I live on Chromatica. I found Earth. I deleted it. Earth is canceled. I live on Chromatica. Chromatica is a frame of mind."

(If anybody knows the process for officially emigrating to Chromatica, please get in touch.)

Anyway, an enterprising Little Monster set up a joke Twitter account for the Governor of the United States of Chromatica where Gaga is the supreme leader. With over 59,000 followers since its launch in November, the account shares all the latest news about the album as well as details about the way of life on Gaga's planet—like there is only iced coffee and bottoms are considered essential workers.

It's a very sophisticated society.

Yesterday, Gaga tweeted some amazing pictures of her latest publicity push—hand-delivering Chromatica in a truck tricked-out as only Gaga could.

And, of course, the fans went wild—so wild, in fact, that the Governor of Chromatica decided to play a little trick on FedEx.

Funny right?

Gaga's fans are almost as creative as she is. But that's not the end of the story, because it seems that FedEx actually fell for it.

They replied to the Chromaticans with a heartfelt apology.

But it wasn't just the Chromatican Government that got a response.

Another Little Monster upped the ante with an even more ridiculous story, and got a response from FedEx too.

Now it's most probable these aren't actual FedEx employees, but rather customer service bots.

But that didn't make the situation any less hilarious to folks on Twitter.

Chromatica the album launches tonight at midnight.

No word on whether FedEx will be the method of delivery.