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Los Angeles Loses Its Mind As Drivers Completely Forget How To Drive In The Rain

Getty Images: Terry Miaoulis / EyeEm, Twitter: @rgay

On November 29, 2018, it rained in Los Angeles.

That might not seem like a big deal to people in most parts of the country, but to the residents of the perpetually dry metropolis, it was a day of both celebration and danger they could not stop tweeting about.

City officials' first concern was making sure drivers (who had very little experience driving in rainy conditions) were safe on LA's famous highways.

They offered to tips to follow.


All over the world, people were talking about the rare LA rainstorm.

A favorite topic to tweet about: how bad LA drivers are at handling the wet conditions.

Of course, in some instances, it was hard to blame them.

Twitter users who stayed inside got to celebrate, but conditions worsened as rain continued to fall.

Traffic continued to slow...

Funny how a change of perspective can turn rain showers into AN EVENT.

The rain may help to douse the recent California fires which have made national headlines, but a large shower right on the tail of a blaze can make for an entirely new natural danger: mudslides.

The LA Times explained why.

Of course, in Hollywood, many are singing and dancing.

Hopefully the residents of LA will come out on the other side of the rain alive and well.

Meanwhile in Maine...

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