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Far-Right Host Claims 'Hypnosis Pornography' Will Lead To 'Transgenderism' In Bonkers Rant

'Daily Wire' host Michael Knowles warned viewers of the dangers of a certain kind of pornography that he claims makes middle-aged men suddenly believe they're women.

Daily Wire screenshot of Michael Knowles on his program
The Michael Knowles Show/Daily Wire

On a recent episode of his Daily Wire show, Michael Knowles made some startling claims about a type of pornography that he referred to as "hypnosis porn."

According to Knowles, this type of pornography is so powerful that it can turn cisgender men into transgender women if they watch it.

During the episode, Knowles admitted that he was afraid to research this type of pornography in detail, for fear of being hypnotized and turned into a trans woman himself.

He cited claims he had heard on various online forums that this type of pornography is so perverse that it can cause a "kind of hypnosis" that leads men to believe they are women.

You can hear what Knowles said in the video below.

Knowles said:

“I don’t even want to look into because I have been Todd—and then I’ve read on different fora—that talk about this phenomenon, that there is a kind of pornography that is, apparently, a driver of the transgender identity that is so perverse that it constitutes a kind of hypnosis where men will say, ‘I was a normal guy, I lived to be 41, 42, and I was basically normal.
"But then I fell into this kind of pornography and it essentially melted my brain."
"I had a nervous breakdown. Now I think that I’m a woman.'”

Knowles went on to say he would “have to go to confession, potentially my brain gets melted” as a result of engaging with this alleged "hypnosis pornography."

Many have condemned Knowles' blatantly transphobic remarks.

Joining Knowles on the show was Genevieve Gluck, a contributor to the anti-transgender publication Reduxx Magazine, who offered more information on this completely fictional topic.

Gluck explained that hypnosis pornography is different from other types of pornography in that it "incorporates your lifestyle." She went on to describe it as a type of pornography that asks viewers to change their behavior, dress differently, and even start taking hormones.

Gluck noted that she has been "mocked" for suggesting that trans people have been hypnotized into believing they are trans, but maintained that hypnosis porn is having "a powerful impact on men."

She explained that this type of pornography contains "repeated mantras, counting down, and probably some of the worst, most regressive stereotypes about women that you can possibly imagine."

In keeping with their mutual fantasy, Gluck also claimed that it has a narrator who tells people things like, "You are a dumb bimbo slut, you want to be a girl, you want to be a bimbo," and that hearing this language makes men believe they are women.