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Amy Klobuchar Swiftly Shuts Down GOP Sen.'s Theory Capitol Rioters Were Simply 'Provocateurs'

Amy Klobuchar Swiftly Shuts Down GOP Sen.'s Theory Capitol Rioters Were Simply 'Provocateurs'
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Nearly two months after it occurred, the insurrection at the US Capitol is still fresh on our and on Washington politicians' minds.

The riot nearly claimed the lives of several progressive politicians. Rioters also indicated they wanted to murder former Vice President Mike Pence and forced the evacuation of both chambers of Congress.

One Capitol police officer was killed by the mob of Trump supporters that included QAnon adherents and White supremacists. Two more officers took their own lives in the aftermath.

Four members of the MAGA mob died while storming the Capitol. Several million dollars worth of damage was done by the rioters.

The day was unsettling and traumatizing for even those not present. But already, the GOP is attempting to sow conspiracy theories to deflect blame around the event.

Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, took the mic during Senate hearings about the riot to insinuate the attackers during the insurrection were "provocateurs," downplaying the role of supporters of then President Donald Trump. He even called the atmosphere "festive," downplaying the seriousness of the incident.

However, Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota, who was the chair of the hearing in which Johnson attempted to make his ludicrous claims, did not let him get away with his remarks so easily.

You can see the exchange here:

In her line of questioning to the FBI witness, Klobuchar made quick work of refuting Johnson's false claims.

"These people that were assaulting the Capitol in military gear and were pinning an officer between a door and were using bear spray on officers in the Capitol, would you title them provocateurs?" Klobuchar said to FBI Counterterrorism Division Director Jill Sanborn.

Sanborn replied that it would depend on evidence.

"Do you think there were some very serious violent people involved in the insurrection?" Klobuchar continued.

"100%" Sanborn said.

"And there were some officers that were injured and a lot of damage was done."

And for her final point:

[Klobuchar]"And would you describe the atmosphere as festive?" [Sanborn] "Absolutely not."

The GOP have continued to ignore the serious consequences of the events on January 6.

Only seven members of the GOP broke ranks to convict former President Donald Trump of inciting an armed insurrection.

Klobuchar continues to affirm the January 6 Capitol riot the result of a coordinated effort between White supremacist and other extremist groups, even though the GOP won't meet her on that assessment.