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'Riverdale' Star KJ Apa's Revealing Underwear Ad Just Resurfaced—And Fans Are Parched

The actor's 2022 ad campaign for Lacoste in which he chases after his escaped dog in just his underwear has gone viral once again—and fans are into it.

KJ Apa
Cindy Ord/WireImage/GettyImages

A commercial released last year featuring actor KJ Apa running around the morning streets of New York City in Lacoste Underwear has just now become the thirst trap gift of summer 2023.

In January 2022, the New Zealand native—who rose to prominence as the lead in the CW's Riverdale playing Archie Andrews—officially became the brand ambassador for Lacoste, which is also known as "the Crocodile" brand."

A campaign film that was released last October has just now gone viral. No one knows why it took so long, but the mystery of the viral delay is one that even Archie and the gang will never be able to solve.

Nevertheless, social media users were flushed after seeing ads like this one shared on January 7, 2022.

The commercial released in October 2022 starts with a barely-awake Apa answering the door after receiving a package at his apartment doorstep.

His dog suddenly darts through his legs and out into the building hallway and now—uh-oh—Apa has to go after the runaway pup clad only in his white Lacoste boxer briefs.

The panicked—and very ripped—dog owner barely manages to hop into his sneakers for the dog chase around the streets of Manhattan that ends with, spoiler alert, a happy ending—or more appropriately, a happy reunion.

A highlight of the commercial is when he slides down the banister of the winding stairwell in his building and runs down the steps in a gratuitous but welcome slow-mo—just so viewers can spend more time admiring his chiseled physical features.

And his finely-crafted underwear of course.

Lacoste debuted the very short film on Instagram back in October 2022 and captioned it with:

"Run, jump, climb, walk, dance… Underwears in which you can do whatever you want! ✅"
"@kjapa running after his 🐕 in the streets of NYC is giving us the best vibe!"

Our determined redhead was giving us something, alright.

Here's the Lacoste commercial featuring KJ Apa that is leaving internet users parched this summer.

The situation certainly was not anyone's typical start to their day, but social media users brushed off its plausibility and swooned over the canine thriller disguised as an underwear advert.










An interesting development in the mini-movie especially caught the attention of gay fans.

The moment happens when Apa abruptly comes to a halt on a street corner and catches his bearings until he randomly locks eyes with another dude—also wearing only Lacoste boxer briefs—having coffee on his balcony.

"Hey, we both have great taste in fashionable undies!" appears to be the unspoken agreement both men have, but the scene also suggests the existence of some sexual tension as they briefly check each other out in their fresh-out-of-bed ensembles.

However, it doesn't go any further as, miraculously and with no transition, Apa is reunited with the wayward pup, gives it a smooch, and heads back home with it as the rest of New York awakens.

Maybe the "best vibe" Lacoste was going for was teasing viewers with the innocent flirting between the two men in the film.

So who was that guy on the balcony? Who knows and who cares?



Playing on the notion there was a demand for more shirtless KJ Apa content for gay fans, this alternate take from the same stairwell in the commercial was shared on the Beautiful Male Celebrities Instagram page.

The text overlay reads:

"OMG, Thank you for this #kjapa."

Where do we go from here?


Yes, please.

Last January, Lacoste posted a teaser for the campaign film ahead of its autumn 2022 release, which you can see here in the clip captioned simply with:

"Coming soon."

Lacoste said of Apa last January:

"The actor and musician is to become the new face of the Crocodile brand and will mainly front the Underwear product category."
"Shared values, creativity and energy will unite KJ and the brand for a two-year period."

A spokesperson for the brand continued:

"As the latest ambassador to join the brand, KJ Apa reinforces the strive for desirability in a category that held its first collections in 1966."

Apa was quoted with the following endorsement of the brand:

"I've always loved the versatility of Lacoste, which is the perfect combination of fashion and sport."

...and is good for chasing after loose puppies in Manhattan, apparently.