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Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity Feud on Twitter Over Melania Trump Impression

Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity Feud on Twitter Over Melania Trump Impression
Frederick M. Brown/Larry Marano/Getty Images

*WARNING: This article contains explicit language*

Jimmy Kimmel, late night talk show host, and Sean Hannity, conservative media personality, have some pretty strong disagreements when it comes to politics, but what began as harsh feelings over policy spilled over into some pretty personal attacks on Twitter this April 6, 2018.

Hannity started the fight by criticizing a recent clip of Jimmy Kimmel imitating Melania Trump's accent.

Hannity promised he would return with another bomb-shell very soon, ominously warning Disney (who owns ABC) "tick tock."

The Fox News host also began calling Kimmel "Harvey Weinstein Jr," referencing the Hollywood mogul who sexually abused countless women against their will.

Kimmel wasn't too worried.

In fact, Kimmel responded to Hannity's attacks on his show later that night.

When Hannity saw the segment, he prepared himself for battle.

And he didn't wait long to go on the attack, claiming the comedian was racist and a sexual deviant.

Kimmel responded in kind, saying Hannity was comparing consensual comedy to sexual molestation for his own gain.

Hannity doubled down on his attack, repeating the insult "Harvey Weinstein Jr."

Kimmel responded with pure snark.

This back and forth continued similarly for a while.

Kimmel finally brought the fight back to Hannity.

But this time, Hannity didn't swing back.

In some ways, Twitter believed Kimmel had the upper hand philosophically.

Then again, it's never cool to mock someone's accent.

In the meantime, everyone on Twitter is just enjoying the ride.

Well, most people.

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