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Trump's Press Secretary Tried to Give a First Amendment Lesson and The ACLU Fired Right Back With a Lesson of Their Own

Trump's Press Secretary Tried to Give a First Amendment Lesson and The ACLU Fired Right Back With a Lesson of Their Own
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's latest White House Press Secretary—Kayleigh McEnany—has her work cut out for after the President's widely panned response to the unrest in response to the murder of George Floyd by police.

Despite the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors across the nation, the President has painted protestors as looters and "thugs" and his administration even tear gassed a protest outside of the White House in order to clear a path for him to take a photo with a bible.

In her attempt to change the narrative, McEnany took to the podium to turn the tables with a lesson about what the First Amendment of the Constitution does and does not afford Americans.

She offered it in tweet form as well.

As Kayleigh herself pointed out, the First Amendment gives Americans the right to peaceably assemble without fear of government retribution.

The American Civil Liberties Union made clear that this protection wasn't being upheld by the White House.

The ACLU alluded to Trump's repeated intimidation of journalists who are critical of him, his firing of government officials who complied with congressionally approved subpoenas, and most recently his aggression toward peaceful protestors.

The President often attacks reporters on Twitter or at White House Press briefings. He fired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman for testifying before Congress. On Monday, we saw firsthand the gas and flashbangs deployed onto protestors.

Others agreed that Trump's apathy toward the First Amendment is far more damaging.

The ACLU weren't the only ones to call out Kayleigh.

Protests around the nation continue.

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